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Authentic and Hot!

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I love homemade porn despite that, even at the best of times, the quality is terrible by comparison to something filmed or shot on a professional set and that is for obvious reasons. What might not be so obvious is why I love homemade porn and that is because it is genuine amateurs and that is what I am actually after.

The problem finding this elsewhere, specifically on professional sets where the quality is good is that the porn industry almost exclusively, well over 99% to be specific, punts professional pornstars as amateurs everywhere. They have completely destroyed the notion even of authentic amateur porn by trying to sell everything that isn’t as exactly that and they no longer even bother to try make it any less obvious that they are full of shit.

And the there is An absolute diamond in the desert. A genuinely authentic amateur porn site backed a completely professional crew from back to front releasing great quality content of regular folk.

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